Innovation + Quality

Rethinking old ideas and venturing something new.

Research Hub + Business Magnet

aspern Seestadt is both a showcase project and a "living lab" for cutting-edge technologies. As a Smart Urban Lab it provides the ideal prerequisites for researching urban technologies and innovative solutions to urban issues and testing them on the spot. It's thus no wonder that a large number of innovative, research-led companies have already discovered Seestadt for themselves.

Quality + Sustainability

At the same time, the Seestadt development also entails a clear commitment to quality. A series of quality management tools is in place to ensure that this exceptional combination of business hub and living environment can be sustained in the long term, despite the constantly changing external framework.

ASCR Demo Center at the Technology Centre aspern Seestadt
ASCR Demo Center © Philipp Lipiarski/ASCR

Urban Lab

aspern Seestadt is a showcase project of the Smart City Wien initiative and a perfect research environment for the future of urban development. Besides being the home of ASCR Aspern Smart City Research, Seestadt also provides fertile ground for other ambitious research-led enterprises.

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing is returning to the city. With its large reserves of space and its innovative, exciting vibe, Seestadt provides the perfect setting for production-led companies and promotes production-related research.

Quality management

Excellent quality management guarantees that the high standards of quality and sustainability will be complied with over the entire 20-year development horizon.