Lakeside Crescent Quarter

Vibrant diversity is key in this emerging neighbourhood. 

The Lakeside Crescent Quarter is urban, but with plenty of green. Alongside attractive subsidized apartment complexes, self-organized housing initiatives are also realising their individual visions of community life in this new neighbourhood.

Here too, from 2020 onwards, housing and jobs will go hand in hand: small businesses and start-ups breathe life into the neighbourhood, while a central park with a communal urban gardening space acts as a meeting point for local residents. A second school campus, nurseries and a youth centre will enhance the existing social infrastructure.

Portrait of Christine Spiess, Project director Seestadt Aspern (City of Vienna)
The Lakeside Crescent Quarter will bring further important urban institutions to Seestadt, including a second school campus and additional nurseries. I'm especially pleased that the new neighbourhood again provides plentiful green and open spaces for local residents, with the Lakeside Crescent Park at the heart of the new development.
Christine Spiess, City of Vienna project leader for Seestadt Aspern
Seebogen Quarter
Seebogen Quarter © Tovatt Architects & Planners
housing units for self-organized housing initiatives
high-quality flats
30,000 sqm
central park for local recreation