Companies at Seestadt

Diversity breeds success!

Numerous companies have already been attracted by the Seestadt business hub. From one-person companies from the creative industries to start-ups from the tech scene and global industrial concerns – Seestadt offers the perfect conditions for a wide range of needs.
Individual requirements can be taken into account at the planning stage, ensuring perfectly designed production facilities, office space and commercial & retail premises. The Seestadt business hub is growing again, with the next phase of expansion under way in the "Lakeside Crescent" Quarter.
Christoph Parak, CEO wienwork
With our wide range of services, we see ourselves as an important local supplier for residents and are one of the largest employers in Seestadt.
Christoph Parak, CEO wienwork

Major Players + Modern Production

aspern Seestadt is the best proof that modern manufacturing is fit for the city. Today's technologies allow companies to manufacture in an urban setting, which brings tangible economic advantages:  opportunities for collaboration, flexibility, proximity to a well-trained workforce and, of course, closeness to customers. For global technology concern HOERBIGER these were persuasive reasons to set up a facility employing 500 staff at Seestadt. Social enterprise Wien Work is also impressed by Seestadt, having relocated several of its business operations here – from metalworking to industrial catering.
HOERBGER headquarters at aspern Seestadt
HOERBIGER  © Walter Oberbramberger/HOERBIGER
Robot in the Pilot Plant 4.0
Pilot Plant 4.0 © Klaus Vyhnalek

Start-ups + R&D

But it's not only big players who have bought into the Seestadt business hub. The technology centre run by Vienna Business Agency has flexible business units and smart offices to let at affordable rates, specifically aimed at young start-ups, technology firms and R&D companies. TU Vienna runs a digital production research facility on the premises in collaboration with over 20 companies, while the R&D enterprise Aspern Smart City Research is developing smart energy solutions for the future using real data gathered at Seestadt.

Retail + Services

Diversity is the key when it comes to local shopping facilities at Seestadt, with all the main retail sectors represented on Austria's first managed shopping parade. The retail mix is adjusted in line with demand, ensuring that the selection of shops is perfectly aligned to local needs.  As well as the supermarket, drugstore, pharmacy, etc. plenty of excellent service providers have also set up shop at Seestadt, spanning the spectrum from travel agency to dog-grooming salon.
Logo aspern shopping
Portrait of Marcus Wild of SES Spar European Shopping
The managed shopping parade is the only one of its kind in Austria. The future starts here, with a ground-breaking solution that will still be state of the art in 15 years' time.
Marcus Wild, CEO, SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH
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