Functional diversity

Mixed use is the guiding principle behind all development at Seestadt.
People passing by Maria-Tusch-Straße
Shopping at Seestadt. © Daniel Hawelka

Housing + Jobs

What sets Seestadt apart from other urban development projects is its multifaceted mixed-use planning concept. This functional mix accommodates all generations and a multiplicity of lifestyles – and is thus a key business factor.

Intelligent architecture creates scope for clever combinations of personalized living space and state-of-the-art workspace.  Instead of large, anonymous blocks of flats, small-scale mixed-use "town houses" make aspern Seestadt buzz with urban life.

Local Amenities + Social Infrastructure

Extra-high ground-floor zones with a mandatory minimum ceiling height of four metres provide spacious premises for shops, cafés, restaurants and other meeting places that open onto the squares and thoroughfares.

The housing generates footfall for the local businesses, while jobs create purchasing power for the shopping facilities.  Attractive local shops, cafés and restaurants coupled with social infrastructure including a school campus, nurseries and a health centre make for satisfied residents and employees.
Portrait of Marcus Wild of SES Spar European Shopping
The managed shopping parade is the only one of its kind in Austria. The future starts here, with a ground-breaking solution that will still be state of the art in 15 years' time.
Marcus Wild, CEO, SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH

Austria's 1st managed shopping parade

Seestadt's local shopping facilities were in place right from the outset – with its unique shopping parade concept the city of short distances leaves nothing to chance when it comes to local amenities.

Retail + Rental Yields

aspern Seestadt Einkaufsstraßen GmbH – a joint venture by retail experts SES Spar European Shopping Centers and Wien 3420 AG – ensures that all major sectors are represented and that the retail mix on offer is as attractive as the rental yields for the developers, who in return create appealing ground-floor zones.
The concept also allows for Seestadt's organic future growth, so retail partners have the certainty that floor space will be adjusted in line with demand. 
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Shopping + Dining

A vibrant mix of sectors + culinary highlights: learn more about the shops, cafés and restaurants at Seestadt!
Austria's 1st
managed shopping parade
15,000 sqm
net floor space for retail, gastronomy and services
strong partners for retail at Seestadt