Designed as a "city of short distances", Seestadt plays a pioneering role when it comes to mobility.

Excellent transport links to Vienna city centre and the world beyond are being installed here, hand in hand with smart mobility projects within Seestadt itself. For this reason, Seestadt offers an innovative and inspiring environment for companies who develop mobility solutions themselves, and/or for those wishing to offer attractive transport links and smart mobility options to their clients and staff.

underground station
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Mobility Concept + Modal Split

40 per cent cycling and walking, 40 per cent public transport and just 20 per cent car traffic is the envisaged modal split for local traffic within Seestadt. A comprehensive mobility concept has been developed to make this possible, and multiple awards – including the Verkehrsclub Österreich (VCÖ) Mobility Award – confirm that we are on the right track with this approach.
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Excellent transport links

Alongside a first-class public transport network that includes two underground stations, seven bus routes in all directions and a future tram link, Seestadt offers an impressive range of additional mobility options that make it easier to manage without your own car.


Communal underground garages provide convenient, safe parking at Seestadt. All of the street-level parking is short stay only, ensuring more room in the public space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Well-planned public spaces

All public thoroughfares at Seestadt are designed to be shared fairly by all road users.

Innovative hire schemes

The SeestadtFLOTTE is a hire scheme for e-bikes, conventional bikes and electric cargo bikes; with this and other smart mobility ideas, it's easy to get around. Seestadt's extensive network of footpaths and cycleways ensures safe, eco-friendly mobility. 

Mobility fund

From the SeestadtFLOTTE bike hire scheme to a shopping trolley for every household – the innovative mobility ideas are financed from the charges levied for garage construction and operation at Seestadt.

The SeestadtFLOTTE bike fleet

The SeestadtFLOTTE is Seestadt's innovative bike hire scheme. 34 e-bikes and 18 conventional bikes are available to hire for individual trips with a guaranteed minimal carbon footprint. In a worldwide first, four electric cargo bikes are also an integral part of the Seestadt bike hire scheme.  The electric cargo bikes are i:SY eCAR:GO models equipped with wooden cargo boxes, suitable for the safe transport of shopping, children, and much more besides! The i:SY is especially nimble and easy to manoeuvre. Here's how the bike hire scheme works.

Mobility options at Seestadt

From the SeestadtFLOTTE bike hire scheme to the innovation centre aspern mobil LAB – all the facilities that keep Seestadt moving are listed below
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bikes for hire in the SeestadtFLOTTE fleet
communal underground garages for cars