Production + Innovation

Production + innovation are the key drivers of the companies found in Southern Seestadt’s commercial zone. It is home to leading companies such as HOERBIGER, global champion in the field of valve technology, as well as to innovative artisanal food production, represented by the gelato manufactory of the renowned ice cream parlour Schwedenplatz. With TAKEDA’s “Future Lab” and the vaccine specialists BIOMAY and HOOKIPA, we also see a high-potential life sciences hotspot forming in Seestadt. The Technology Center has aggregated a research-oriented, dynamic start-up scene.
This commercial and industrial zone provides enough space to work trouble-free and grow and at the same time a perfect connection to the subway, an urban infrastructure mix and Seestadt-type quality of life, instead of an uninspiring industrial neighborhood.

Silvio Molin-Pradel
Seestadt provides perfect conditions for my growing business: spacious production facilities that can be extended if required and plenty of leeway in the design of the manufacturing premises, as well as an efficient underground link.
We also benefit from exchanging ideas and experience with other innovative food producers at Foodmakers' Corner.
Silvio Molin-Pradel, managing director of the ice-cream parlour "Eissalon am Schwedenplatz"