Seestadt gets things moving.

aspern + mobil 

The innovative mobility concept aspern mobil is all about sustainability. The aim: a mobility mix that conserves resources and contributes to a superlative quality of life. The target is that 40 per cent of trips at Seestadt will be made by public transport, 40 per cent by bike or on foot, and only 20 per cent by car, moped or motorbike. And with the diverse range of mobility options available, you're always one step ahead.

Short Distances + Clear Objectives

Seestadt is a city of short distances. The local shopping concept aspern shopping is designed to ensure just that: at Seestadt you can easily do all your shopping on foot or by bike. And for those occasions when your purchases are heavier than usual, the SeestadtFLOTTE bike fleet has electric cargo bikes for hire. Another special feature may catch your eye as you stroll around Seestadt: nearly all the roads and thoroughfares are named after prominent women. Follow this link for detailed information about their lives and achievements.

Underground + Bus

The U2 underground link is the ideal way of getting to and from Seestadt, bringing you swiftly to Vienna city centre with perfect onward connections to the regional underground and rail networks. Seestadt is also served by seven bus services to various destinations throughout the district and the wider region. The mobility options will increase as Seestadt grows: an Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) station is planned at Aspern Nord, and a tram link is likewise in the pipeline.

Laid-back Pace + Space for Living

Getting from A to B as quickly and energy-efficiently as possible while providing ample space to linger and enjoy life – those are the principles behind aspern mobil. That's why we attach such great importance to the design of our public spaces: Seestadt is full of attractive pedestrian zones with plenty of space for strolling and wide cycle paths. All this is possible because most of the parking is off-street, in communal underground garages – which leaves lots of room above ground for cyclists and pedestrians.
Excellent transport links and a deliberately laid-back pace – that's the mobility concept for the smart, liveable 21st-century city. aspern mobil is all about short distances, efficient public transport and lots of space for pedestrians and cyclists.
Lukas Lang, Project Manager Mobility, wien 3420 AG
aspern mobil LAB
Ideenwettbewerb Seestadt nachhaltig mobil

Zu Fuß + mit den Öffis

Mit der U-Bahn, dem Bus oder zu Fuß - die schnellsten Wege in und aus der Seestadt finden Sie hier. 

Mit dem Rad

Die Seestadt ist eine echte Fahrradstadt. Dafür sorgen viele Radwege, das eigene Fahrradverleihsystem SeestadtFLOTTE und viele weitere Initiativen rund ums Radfahren.

Mit dem Auto

Alles zum Thema Sammelgaragen und Kurzparkzonen gibt es hier.


Mit dem Mobilitätsplan haben Sie alle Mobilitätsangebote rund um Fahrrad, Auto und öffentlichen Verkehr im Blick. 

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