Construction Site

Friendly to the environment and neighbouring communities

Intelligent building means conserving resources, and as much material as possible is recycled on site. The material excavated to create the lake – some 600,000 tonnes of gravel, sand and soil – is reused for landscape modelling. One example is the aspern Terraces, a local recreation area that simultaneously shields the residents of neighbouring Eßling from building site noise. Even the taxiways of the former airfield are recycled at the state-of-the-art on-site construction logistics centre and then used to construct new roads and thoroughfares. Over the entire construction period these measures will save some 200,000 truck trips. Waste material that cannot be recycled is mostly transported off site by rail, and fresh material arrives by the same route.

Minimising disruption and disturbance to neighbours

All building equipment is required to meet strict criteria for noise and emissions. Thanks to several noise measuring stations on the site and regular groundwater sampling, the construction logistics team are always aware of potential problems and can take immediate remedial action. The roads and work areas on site are regularly sprayed to suppress dust, and wheel washing facilities have been installed at the main site exits.

Any urban building site gives rise to queries and suggestions for improvement, and it is important that these are quickly brought to the attention of someone who can help. An Ombudsman deals with the concerns raised by residents of the neighbouring communities.