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aspern Seestadt continues to grow

Pay a visit to aspern Seestadt today, and what you'll see is Austria's largest construction site. In several phases over the next 20 years a city for the 21st century will take shape here in Vienna's 22nd municipal district on an area equivalent to 340 football pitches, accommodating high-quality living environment for some 20,000 people plus about the same number of workplaces.

In 2014, the first Seestadt residents moved into their new homes. By 2016 there'll be 2,600 housing units for some 6,100 people, and the 50,000 sqm lake surrounded by the lakeside park, a shopping street, underground/metro and tram links, the first wave of corporate residents and the neighbourhood management team office in the current Info Point premises will all be in place ready for their arrival.

aspern Seestadt will be multifunctional and diverse, intelligent and outward-looking, dynamic yet laid back. Bridging present and future, it will balance and combine elements that can prove difficult to unite elsewhere: work and home life, green space and urban flair, high quality standards and scope for individuality.

To ensure that aspern Seestadt offers high quality of life right from the outset and continues to do so for future generations, a clear vision, superlative planning and forward-looking quality management are essential. The development agency Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG and the project management team appointed by the City of Vienna are therefore jointly responsible for coordinating the entire urbanization process.

Facts & figures

Facts & figures

A high-quality living environment for over 20,000 people plus about the same number of workplaces is taking shape at aspern Seestadt. The aim is to build a brand new multifunctional "city within a city" for Vienna. Here you'll find facts, figures and other useful information about the project. 


Diggers galore and PUBLIK – culture on the building site

The area surrounding the first building in the Seestadt development, the technology centre aspern IQ, is a buzzing hive of activity. The first phase of construction is in full swing: roads, sewer networks and utility mains are taking shape, and since April 2013 work has also been under way on the first residential buildings.

Alongside aspern IQ – a fully sustainable energy-plus building completed in 2012 that generates more energy than it uses - a second, much larger complex will soon start emerging. The new Vienna headquarters of HOERBIGER Holding AG, a campus for some 600 employees working in R&D, production, sales and marketing and administration, will start operations in 2016.

Launched back in 2011, the PUBLIK culture and communication programme reflects the urban identity of the emerging city within a city, featuring events and join-in activities from readings to urban gardening and the "ReCycle" bike repair workshop.