• The Seestadt is growing! Next step – the Seeparkquartier

    The Seestadt is growing! Next step – the Seeparkquartier

    In the next few months the finishing touches will be put to the first residential quarter in the south-western section of the Seestadt. After that the focus of the building works will shift eastwards towards the U2 metro line. On 29 January 2015 Vienna City Council approved the legal basis for the new quarter.

  • Guided Tours

    Guided Tours


    What's it like to live at Seestadt? Why does nobody have the right to obey? And how did the fish get into the lake? On our new Feelgood Tours you'll experience the diversity of aspern Seestadt and find out all kinds of fascinating facts about one of Europe's largest urban development projects. Seestadt residents tell about life in a community housing initiative, shed light on the extraordinary women who gave their names to Seestadt's roads and thoroughfares, and are a fund of information about living and working at aspern. Your guides are real live locals and the tours are organised by Karl-Heinz Slabschi, owner of the ApartHotel & Bio-GreenShop Feelgood Vienna on Mimi-Grossberg-Gasse. Take the time to become acquainted with the personal side of Seestadt.

    When? Sunday, 2:00 p.m.
    Where?  Metro U2 / station Seestadt exit "Seeststadtstraße" , Meetingpoint at the Feelgood-Lounge next to the bicycle-depot.

    Duration: about 1 hour

    Limited attendance number! 
    Please register for the tours at info@aspern-seestadt.at or directly via the Feelgood-Line!

    The Feelgood Tours can be done on e-scooters* on request. In this case e-scooters and safety helmets will be provided.

    Feelgood-Line: +43 676 33 888 33 (every day from 13:00 – 19:00 Uhr) 
    Feelgood-Mail: feelgoodtours@gmx.at
    or via Facebook (per private message) to www.facebook.com/hotelfeelgoodvienna

    "Through the Middle + Round About"

    Glide through Seestadt and experience the mobility concept of a Smart City at first hand: our new E-Scooter* Tours take you right through the middle of Seestadt and round about the site so you can see our wide range of mobility options and facilities for yourself and find out more about aspern Seestadt, one of Europe's largest urban development projects. Get to know Seestadt exactly as it is: with fast connections + designed to move at a human pace. So, what are you waiting for?  On your scooters, get set, go!

    When? Saturday, 2:00 p.m.
    Where? Metro U2 / station Seestadt exit "Seeststadtstraße" , Meetingpoint at the Feelgood-Lounge next to the bicycle-depot.

    Duration: about 1 hour

    Limited attendance number!
    Please register for the tours at info@aspern-seestadt.at (Subject: E-Scooter) or directly via the Feelgood-Line!

    All tours are free of charge!

    *Participants must be aged 18 or over; participants under 18 years of age (min. 12 years) require a declaration of consent signed by their legal guardian. E-scooter tours do not take place in bad weather, though you will still be able to explore Seestadt on foot.



    One thing has been evident from the start throughout the entire planning and construction process at aspern Seestadt: realising the model of a vibrant urban centre requires both vision and groundedness; the courage to experiment as well as continuous day-to-day monitoring. It is only through this interplay that the desired standards of quality can be realised, and, at the end of the day, an attractive new urban centre that people identify with. All stakeholders involved in the process so far have been bold enough to tread new paths. In many cases they have made the seemingly impossible possible, proving with every new milestone just how important it is to assert the need for quality, be it in urban planning and design, architecture, functionality or sustainability. As a result we have seen the evolution of urban quarters with character, which both function smoothly and forge identity. In the upcoming phases and with each new project it is vital that we strive for maximum quality and ensure that it is delivered, from the draft plans right through to realisation.

    The Advisory Board sees itself as a critical partner in this process, and thinking beyond the boundaries of the building plot is key to its role. Outdoor spaces are just as important as buildings, and the social aspect carries more weight than superficial design. Co-shaping this process of producing urban space is both a privilege and a major challenge for the members of the aspern Advisory Board – and one that we address with renewed pleasure and passion at every single meeting.


 time lapse video


The first quarters arise - in timelapse!