• Community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt

    Community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt

    Building as part of a community housing initiative gives future residents the advantage of being able to design their own living space according to their own needs and resources - and not in an isolated single-family home far outside the city, but by deliberately opting to build in an urban context in close proximity to others who have made similar work and lifestyle choices. Many valuable relationships grow and flourish within such communities, enriching and facilitating everyday life. Click here to find out more about the community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt.


    The research enterprise Aspern Smart City Research GmbH & Co KG (ASCR) was set up in 2013 by Siemens, the City of Vienna's infrastructure and utilities operators Wien Energie and Wiener Netze, the Vienna Business Agency and Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG. The project will invest some 40 million euro in energy research by 2018.

    Over the next few years, ASCR will be conducting research into energy efficiency using real buildings at aspern Seestadt as a "living lab". One of the buildings participating in the research project is the school campus on building plot D18, subsection 1. The relevant infrastructure on the site includes heat pumps, a solar thermic system, a photovoltaic installation and associated storage facilities to generate the energy required for the primary school and kindergarten; "smart components" are to be installed as part of the ASCR research programme.



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