aspern Info Point next to Flederhaus

Theater on the building site – Waiting for Godot with Hubsi Kramar

Interim uses

Interim uses: A taste of "the Full Life" to come

The Info Point has been in operation as a meeting place and events venue since back in 2007, the Flederhaus with its viewing platform and FABRIK PUBLIK being added in 2012. A lot has already happened at aspern Seestadt: from a school holiday play scheme, university lectures, theatre performances and second-hand bike fairs to parties and events put on by local clubs and societies.

From 2011 onwards a broad array of interim uses and initiatives have been not only welcome but an integral part of the programme, spanning the spectrum from the PUBLIK culture and communication programme and the Greenlab employment programme for young people right through to the Sprungbrett Aspern project with its model for sustainable architecture.