Housing: Diversity and openness

The initial phase of 2,600 housing units for 6,200 people will be completed by 2016, and the first Lakesiders have moved into their homes in 2014. In terms of building design aspern Seestadt revives qualities that have largely been forgotten in recent years: small-scale, mixed-use structures take the place of large, anonymous blocks, while shops, cafés and restaurants and workshops at ground-floor level enliven the streets. This is an attractive place in which to live and work.

Flats with outdoor spaces

Housing at Seestadt is of very high quality. Many flats have flexible layouts to cater for a wide array of different needs, and all have their own outdoor space. Great importance is attached to communal facilities in and around the residential buildings. Communal neighbourhood gardens are planned, and residents will have a say in the design and use of many of the open spaces. Five community housing initiatives are already realising their individual lifestyle concepts on a plot specially earmarked for the purpose, and the resulting developments will play a crucial role in shaping the character of aspern Seestadt.

The aspern community housing initiatives

The aspern community housing initiatives are typical Seestadt pioneers, bringing together a lot of elements that are difficult or impossible to combine elsewhere. Such initiatives come into being when ideas about building and lifestyle are allowed to grow and bear fruit, attracting more and more people to buy in to the concept.

The first phase of building on Plot D 13, in immediate proximity to the school campus and the Hannah Arendt Park, is set aside for projects by community housing initiatives. This site is witnessing the emergence of a residential quarter unique of its kind in Vienna. Five very different autonomous and creative owner/user partnerships are constructing a total of 179 flats plus space for a diverse array of other uses, from offices to a community canteen to a family-run guesthouse.

Community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt

Community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt

Building as part of a community housing initiative gives future residents the advantage of being able to design their own living space according to their own needs and resources - and not in an isolated single-family home far outside the city, but by deliberately opting to build in an urban context in close proximity to others who have made similar work and lifestyle choices. Many valuable relationships grow and flourish within such communities, enriching and facilitating everyday life. Click here to find out more about the community housing initiatives at aspern Seestadt.