Green Spaces

Recreation areas and spaces for encounter and interaction: the lake, parks, boulevard et al.

With 50% of the site set aside for public space, Seestadt has plenty of green. The Seepark, the elongated Yella-Hertzka-Park on the western edge of the first residential plots and the Hannah-Arendt-Park adjacent to the school campus will be among the first to be laid out prior to and during the first phase of development. These are complemented by the numerous leafy squares and courtyards, the generous planting along the boulevard, the aspern Terraces on the eastern perimeter of Seestadt and the major green corridors of the 22nd district, which connect aspern Seestadt with the Marchfeld plain and the Lobau wetlands, part of the Danube Wetlands National Park and just a few minutes' bike ride away.

The lake – the heart of Seestadt

At the heart of Seestadt lies the 50,000 sqm lake, surrounded by a park almost the same size: with its landscaped shoreline and promenade, it is a meeting point for all who live and work here. The lake feeds into watercourses and greenways and is easily reached via footpaths and cycleways from everywhere around. Its northern shore is directly adjacent to the shopping street leading to the rail station, while the near-natural southern shore is reserved for recreation, sport, culture and leisure activities.