Living + Working

The bonuses of living at aspern Seestadt

This city for the 21st century allows its residents to achieve a healthy balance between work and home life. A place of both/and instead of either/or, aspern Seestadt is the ideal place for people who want sustainability without sacrificing an urban lifestyle. Uniting multiple generations and lifestyles in one place, it provides room for "the Full Life". And it's also the perfect location for companies looking to provide an attractive working environment for their staff.

Functional mix is the watchword throughout the entire development. Vibrant ground-floor zones housing shops, cafés, restaurants and other public uses ensure ample local amenities and enliven the public space.

aspern Seestadt scores highly on urban appeal:

  • cultural, leisure and sports facilities
  • numerous shops, cafés and restaurants
  • a city of short distances
  • within easy reach of the rail stations and airports of Vienna and Bratislava
  • U2 underground/metro line, bus and tram lines
  • well laid-out footpaths and cycleways

Urban + close to nature

The central lake was already in place before the first buildings were erected. And that's no wonder, because the aspern Seestadt quality policy places the focus on people and their needs and makes quality of life the yardstick for development in this new city within a city.

aspern Seestadt is embedded within the existing urban structure of Vienna's Donaustadt district, in close proximity to the Danube Wetlands National Park. Half of the total available area is reserved for public open spaces, with streets, squares, parks, gardens and recreation areas. The lake with its landscaped shoreline, promenade and surrounding park is the centrepiece of the development and a meeting point for all who live and work here.

aspern Seestadt will continue to grow and develop over time, so high-quality planning is writ large, as is dialogue with residents and users. Both of these aspects are greatly appreciated by the first wave of pioneers who are already making their individual life plans and business concepts a reality in aspern Seestadt: five community housing initiatives, the team of scientists at research TUb in aspern IQ, the international concern HOERBIGER and many more besides.

Thinking ahead + seizing the moment: The pioneers of aspern Seestadt

The technology centre aspern IQ, research TUb Gmbh, Aspern Smart City Research and the start-up offices of the Vienna Business Agency have already discovered aspern as a business location. They will soon be joined by global technology group HOERBIGER and Vienna's largest employer in the social sector, Wien Work. Find out more about the aspern pioneers!